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Membership                                                                                APLE Membership Form

To: New and Continuing Colleagues

 If you are with us for the first time this year, on behalf of all of the members of APLE I want to welcome you to the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District! I hope that you have a wonderful experience here. If you are one of our continuing teachers, I extend to you a warm welcome back. I know we all look forward to a year full of challenges and rewards.

 The Association of Placentia-Yorba Linda Educators is your exclusive representative in employment matters with the PYLUSD. Because Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified operates under an agency fee/organized security agreement, all bargaining unit members share in the cost of that representation. As a certificated employee of the District, you have three options by which you may fulfill the agency fee obligation.

 Membership You may become a full member of the Association and pay full unified dues to APLE/CTA/NEA (through monthly payroll deduction or full cash payment at the start of the year), and take advantage of all the rights and benefits that come with membership. Members are entitled to vote for Association officers, are covered under the $1,000,000 Educators Employment Liability coverage, have access to legal representation and are eligible for CTA-sponsored insurance programs and many more valuable membership benefits.

 Your membership also supports your colleagues. Our ability to represent all bargaining unit members with the District is strengthened by increased membership. Your membership will allow you to have an active voice in the local and will provide support at the bargaining level. APLE is not just a union; it is a professional local dedicated to the improvement of teaching and learning in Placentia and Yorba Linda.

 I strongly urge you to join us in the local. If you are not already a member, please contact the APLE office at 714-970-3700 to obtain an enrollment form. Please complete the form, and return it to the APLE office.

 Agency Fee Payer Status In lieu of membership, you may pay an agency fee equal to unified dues by payroll deduction from your salary in monthly installments.

 As an agency fee payer, however, you will not be a member of your local and will not be able to hold local office or vote in local elections. You will also forfeit access to membership benefits, including the ones described above. You have the right to receive a rebate of the portion that represents political or ideological spending on the part of the APLE, CTA, and NEA that is not related to collective bargaining or employment matters. Information regarding the estimated rebate amount and the procedure for requesting a rebate, and, if desired, for challenging that rebate amount before an impartial decision maker is provided to fee payers by CTA.

 If you do not sign up for membership, you will automatically become a fee payer, unless you establish religious objector status.

 Religious Objector Status In lieu of payment of dues or agency fees, you may pay the equivalent of full unified dues to a non-labor, non-religious charitable fund which is exempt from taxation under IRS Section 501(c)(3), if you are a member of a religious body whose teachings oppose payment of dues or fees to employee organizations, or if you hold sincere religious beliefs opposing unions.

 The following is a list of the only funds to which you may make such payment:

  •  United Way
  • Placentia Boys’ and Girls’ Club

 Once you notify APLE, The Executive Board shall inform you of its decision regarding the exemption request. If your application is approved, you must make contribution equal to a full year’s dues to one of the above charities and provide proof of the contribution to the local within 30 days of the date of your approval of your exemption request, but in any event no later than November 30 if you wish to be treated as a religious objector for the entire school year. Alternatively, you may have a monthly deduction withheld by the district and forwarded to the charity, if the district will agree. We will support your request for this service with the district. If you receive this exemption, you will not be a local member, and like fee payers, you will not be eligible to hold local office, vote in elections or receive membership benefits.

 Thank you for taking time to review this information. Once again, I strongly encourage you to join as or remain a member of APLE. As a member, you’ll be supporting your colleagues and your professional local. You’ll also be able to take advantage of all the membership benefits. If we can be of any assistance to you, please call our office or see your APLE site representative. Remember, APLE is your Local, and we are here to help one another.


 Linda Manion

APLE President