Rep Council

 Representative Council

 The APLE Rep Council is the policy-making body of the Association. The Representative Council is comprised of members of the Association and derives its powers from and is responsible to the membership. Your APLE Rep Council includes the following active Association members:

APLE Officers and Executive Board

The Officers and Executive Board Directors are elected with open nominations from Association members and by secret ballot.

 School Site Representatives

Each site is entitled to at least one representative and shall have one representative for every 20 Association members on their staff. The Site Representatives are also elected with open nominations from Association members and by secret ballot.

 Your APLE Rep Council meets every third Wednesday of the month at the APLE office, except when a meeting falls on a school or federal holiday. In the event that Rep Council falls on a holiday, the meeting is re-scheduled on either the Wednesday prior to or the Wednesday following the regularly scheduled Rep Council meeting. Please see our Calendar for meeting dates, locations, and times.

 APLE Site Representatives

    Elementary Representatives  

Brookhaven Elem

Karen Aleksic –   

Bryant Ranch Elem

Elana Leikin –

Jill McClain –

Fairmont Elem

Jan Horton – 

Susan Yamamoto –

George Key Elem

Jamie Randall –  

 Glenknoll Elem           

Judy Rees –     

Glenview Elem

Donna Frelly –

Golden Elem

Michelle Woinarowicz –  

Angela DeGraw –        

Lakeview Elem

Jim Burns –  

Meghann Briggs –   

Linda Vista Elem

Julia Beresford –

Joy Goodrich –     

Mabel Paine Elem

 Karen Platrow –     

Melrose Elem

Helen Nelson –

Rachael Dominguez –

Morse Elem

Cyndi McClelland –     

Music Dept

Bob Wilson –  

Parkview Independent Study

Heidi Chipman –

Rio Vista Elem

Victoria Groscost –

Kathy Bernhardt –

Lena Miller –

Rose Drive Elem

Carmel Helm –     

Vicki Osborn –

Ruby Drive Elem

Jenny Perez –     

Sierra Vista Elem

Susan Solomonson –     

Topaz Elem

Elvira Bermudez –     

Erin Pon –     

Travis Ranch Elem

Tammy Aho –     

Peggy Sitar –     

Tynes Elem

Amy Larsen –     

Van Buren Elem

Mark Ukes –     

Wagner Elem

Joan Brewer –     

Woodsboro Elem

Rachel Friedrichs –     


Middle School Representatives   

Bernardo Yorba Middle

Christine Perez –

Margaret Silver –     

Kraemer Middle

Mig Berrios –

Travis Ranch Middle

Gina Beelner-     

Tuffree Middle

Cathy German –

Valadez Middle

Randi Morgan –

Jacquelyn (Hope) Schroeder –

Yorba Linda Middle

Terry Hindman –

Candy Dauthit –

Jodi Veraldi Bonk –

High School Representatives  

El Camino High School

Bryan Vouga –

El Dorado High School

Robert Kane –

Christina Holton –

Jeff Hazard –

Esperanza High School

Roz Kanter –

Dave Tennant –

Steve Kahn –

Mallory Monasterio –

La Entrada High School

Kim Peck –

Valencia High School

Alyson Dixon –

Courtney Fenstermaker –

Samantha Kuchwara –

Yorba Linda High School 

Gabbi Stephenson – gstephenson@

Cath Petz –

Samiya Waheed – swaheed@

TOSA Representatives

Paul LaPorte –

Ed Services Center

Beth Mazuirer –