Executive Board

Executive Board

The APLE Executive Board is comprised of the four Officers and five Directors from the membership, as well as CTA State Council Representative(s). The Officers of the Association are the President, the Vice President, the Treasurer, and the Secretary. The Directors represent Elementary, Middle, High School, and At-Large educators. The Directors have expertise in understanding the needs and duties of their assigned grade levels.

 Your APLE Executive Board includes the following active Association members:

APLE Officers  and  Executive Board

 The Officers and Executive Board Directors are elected with open nominations from Association members and by secret ballot. Each member is elected for a two year term. 

Your APLE Executive Board meets the first Wednesday of each month at the APLE office. 


APLE Executive Board



  President – Linda Manion – APLE Office – lmanion@aple.org

Vice President


  Vice President- Jeremy Kelly- Yorba Linda Middle School- jkelly@aple.org

Executive Board Liaison


  Executive Board Liaison – Frank Jahn – Retired- fjahn@aple.org



  Treasurer – Toni Finn – Glenview Elementary – afinn@pylusd.org



  Secretary – Ashmi Mehta- Ruby Elementary- amehta@aple.org

Elementary Resources


  Elementary Director – TBD


 Elementary Director – Janeen Hill – Woodsboro – jhill@aple.org

Middle School Resources

  Middle School Resources – TBD

High School Resources


  High School Director – Mike Sayre – Esperanza High School – msayre@pylusd.org

Special Education Resources

  Director at Large – TBD

State Council Delegates


  State Council Delegate- Debbie Myers- Glenknoll Elementary- demyers@aple.org


 State Council Delegate- Toni Munoz- tmunoz@pylusd.org