About Us

Our Mission Statement


A.P.L.E.’s mission is to strengthen the effectiveness of the local association by promoting increased member involvement and improved communication.

A.P.L.E. is a T.E.A.M.

Together Everyone Accomplishes More

 A.P.L.E. is effective

  • Effective Negotiations Team
  • Active Health Benefits Committee
  • Listens to the voice of PYLUSD Educators
  • Successfully resolves grievances
  • Committed to the reform of NCLB
  • Challenges negative political initiatives
  • Active in community outreach
  • Offers helpful workshops and training

A.P.L.E. promotes Member involvement

  •  Negotiating Committee               
  • Insurance Committee
  • Professional Growth     
  • Political Action Committee
  • Elections Committee     
  • Scholarship Committee
  • Elementary Task Force 
  • Middle School Task Force
  • High School task Force  
  • Special Education Issues
  • Membership Committee            
  •   Communications
  • Community Outreach   
  • Instruction and Professional Development
  • Human Rights Committee           
  • Women’s Issues

A.P.L.E. values our Members

APLE strives to reach out to all of our members. We realize that educators must be deeply committed and involved outside the classroom in order to make education a priority to our society. We hope that each of you will take an active role in the Association.

Member involvement is the most effective way to improve public education and our profession.

A.P.L.E. communicates

We believe that communication is key and we work hard to provide you with up-to-date information using our APLE.org website, The  APLE Advisor monthly newsletter, APLE Tidbits publication, Workshops, Emails, Phone Calls, Site visits, Informational Flyers and more!

A.P.L.E. shares a common Vision…

Great Public Schools Are A Basic Right For Every Child.